Alcohol Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Hello readers, I am here again to give you another elaboration about your sexual health. In my previous post I discussed ‘how technology is ruining sex life with your partner’. In my last post I suggested you, consult trusted sex specialist in Delhi, if your sexual problem is increasing and you are unable to control it.

I must say, today’s article is going to be really interesting because we are going to discuss about bad impacts of alcohol and smoking on your sex life. We all know alcohol, drugs and smoking have a negative impact on our life. Believe it or not, alcohol consumption is bad for your health. It is also badly affecting your sexual life.

Boozing can be bad for your sex life

Some guys think that drinking alcohol will make them romantic in bed, but the effect can be opposite as your blood alcohol level increases, which can dampen your mood and decrease your sex desire. Drinking too much alcohol can affect your erections and ejaculations. Even doctors say that over drinking can cause erectile dysfunction in males.

Don’t panic, we have not asked you to live alcohol forever. We just want you to take it moderately to stay away from sexual dysfunctions. Alcohol can only affect your body when you consume it too much on a regular basis. This is because it decreases blood flow to your penis and desi chudai kahani dampen the level of your erection and excitement.

Alcohol can reduce your libido

Regular alcohol consumption can decrease sex desire in both males and females. Alcohol is actually killing your sex drive which results unsatisfied sex and desimms relationship problems. It has a negative psychological effect on the penis which results in lack of sexual arousal.

Alcohol can affect your erection and you face an inability to attain erections and delay ejaculation. When you drink a lot of alcohol, it slows down blood flow to your penis and can damage blood vessels which results difficulty in maintaining and attaining erections. One of the most common causes for decrease your sex desire and erection is alcohol.

Too much alcohol can drop your body testosterone level, which affects your sex drive and lead to erectile dysfunction and impotence. Your penis blood vessels may damage due to alcohol.

Alcohol and smoking affect fertility

If you want to start a family and unable to conceive a child, then it may be because of alcohol and smoking. If you don’t consume alcohol and unable to start your family, then consult a specialist because there can be another reason of infertility in you and your partner.

Smoking and alcohol consumption is the common cause of infertility in males because it directly affects male sperm which results in low sperm count and motility. It is advisable to drink moderate alcohol, otherwise stay ready to see the negative consequences on your health. If you are going through infertility, then consult a trusted doctor who can help you to get rid of infertility.

When to seek a doctor?

Experts say alcohol consumption can reduce both men’s and women’s sexual sensibility and make good sex difficult. If you are facing sexual difficulties like low sex desire, inability to attain and maintain an erection, early ejaculation or infertility, then you should consult the best sex specialist in Delhi, Dr. P.K. Gupta, who is holding the qualification of M.B.B.S., M.D., P.G.D.S (sexual medicine).

He is known for providing best male sexual problem treatment in Delhi. Dr. P.K. Gupta has satisfied clients from all over India because of his effective and safe treatments. I would like to suggest you consult him for better and satisfied sexual life.

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